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Find out how you can stand out through Hotelier Academy's Hotel Webinars. Present your own educational Webinar, include your company in our Sponsors, and publish your job vacancies on Hotelier Academy.

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Curation of Hotel Webinars

Companies can attend Hotelier Academy's annual Live Event, and present their own Live Webinar, promoting themselves to thousands of hoteliers from Greece and around the globe. The Webinars are organized by Hotelier Academy and receive great exposure. A the same time, all webinars are broadcasted through Hotelier Academy's Social Media


Promotion as Official Sponsor of the Event

With Hotelier Academy's Live Webinars being one of the biggest educational events that focus on hospitality, the companies are promoted efficiently to a large Hotel Audience, increasing their brand awareness, as well as expanding their partnerships. All webinars receive thousands of viewings during the event, as well as through the year, further strengthening your position in the Hospitality Industry.


Job Postings

Since the Event attracts thousands of hospitality professionals, the companies are able to track the best applicants for them and find high-quality staff. Moreover to the Job Description, the attendees can complete the relevant tests, so as to complete the relevant Tests before applying.


Attendance to the Free Webinars

Companies and their staff can also attend all the free hotel webinars organized by Hotelier Academy, which are curated by well-known companies from all over the world.

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