April 2020 Live Hotel Webinars: Free Hotel Webinars from International Speakers at Hotelier Academy

Hotelier Academy announces a series of new free educational Webinars that will take place during the first ten days of June, and they will be curated by leading professionals from the global tourism market!

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With the institution of “Free Hotel Webinars” by Hotelier Academy, now established as one of the most dynamic online events for Hoteliers, Hotelier Academy presents a series of new Webinars that will take place during the first ten days of June, instructed by experienced professionals from the World Tourism Market.

As June 2020 is the opening month for many hotels around the world, Hotelier Academy and guest Instructors will provide hoteliers with a range of useful tips that will help them further upgrade their accommodation facilities and services.

The instructors of the new cycle of Free Webinars, are hospitality professionals working in leading companies that provide solutions for Hotels, and all presentations will have innovative educational content that is expected to arouse public interest.

Webinars will be broadcasted live on the channels of Hotelier Academy & Hotelier Academy Greece on Facebook, while at a later time they will be uploaded to the corresponding VLOG on Youtube.