The Live Hotel Webinars of Hotelier Academy, return this March!

Ενημερώθηκε: 16 Φεβ 2021

Following the huge success of the two previous events of Free Live Hotel Webinars, which took place in April & October 2020 and gathered over 8,000 attendees on the Hotelier Academy Hotel E-Learning platform and over 205,000 views on the event's Social Media, the Live Webinars by Hotelier Academy are back, and renewed this March!

The third round of Hotelier Academy Live Hotel Webinars officially begins on March 2021, presenting a series of new live webinars that aim to enhance the know-how of Hotel staff worldwide, providing a free educational and training platform in collaboration with leading professionals of the Hotel Market, internationally. During the Live Event, new educational topics will be presented, promoting a renewed Concept, with the participation of Hotels from all over the world. The international event of Free Live Webinars by Hotelier Academy will take place from March 1rst to March 31rst, 2021.

Hotelier Academy provides a significantly remodeled business and functional training environment for hoteliers, that is adapted to the digital age. Hotelier Academy has prescribed a series of Webinars that will train Hoteliers in new techniques, strengthen their knowledge in the classic hotel processes, and educate them through case studies of successful hotel practices.

In March 2021, hoteliers will have the opportunity to watch Hotel Presentations in English, Demos of Hotel Solutions, but also the latest Trends of the Hotel Market. The event is expected to be attended by Hotels from 20+ countries, including Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, but also from selected Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and the Maldives.

Ways to Participate in this year's Free Live Hotel Webinars by Hotelier Academy:

Participation in the Live Free Webinars is free and registrations will open in the last days of February 2021.

Those who have registered in the previous organisations of the Free Webinars, do not need to register again and will receive a personal message on the day the registrations are open.

Participate as a speaker in the English Webinars:

If you are interested in participating as a speaker in the Live Webinars of Hotelier Academy, contact Stella Zeniou at or +30 2103245142.