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The Concept

A unique free event with the signature of Hotelier Academy, which aims to train hoteliers from around the world in new tools and trends.


Hotelier Academy Live Webinars started in Greece with two initial events in 2020 (April & October), which gathered more than 8,000 attendees through the Hotel E-Learning platform and over 205,000 views through the event's Social Media.

In 2021, the action came back with a renewed Concept and with the participation of Hotels from all over the world, who attended Hotel Presentations in English, Demo Hotel Solutions, but also the latest Trends of the Hotel Market at an International level. The event was attended by Hotels from 20+ countries, including Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, but also from selected Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and the Maldives.

As the Greek Hotel Market is a pillar of the event, the event was enriched with Greek-speaking presentations, career opportunities in Greek Hotels, and also the first Hotelier Academy Student Day.



The 4th series of Free Webinars has already begun and will last for the whole month of February 2022. Learn more at this link. 

Ways of Participation

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